Slug Invasion - Character Turn Tables

Here are the turnarounds of the all the characters from the slug invasion. I modeled the old lady, and made the diffuse, sub-surface scattering, specular and normal map textures on all of them. 

Slug Invasion - Visual Style guide

In 2011 i was working on a 5 minute short film with 8 other students from my school.I was the Art Director on the project, and it was one of my duties to make the Visual Style Guide. And here it is, the entire thing!
It was fun to create it, and to lay out the rules of the short movies visual look and mood. There were 5 other short movies in production at my school, and most of them used my style guide as a guideline for how to create there own.

Slug Invasion - Short Film

This is my Bachelor Short Film ''SLUG INVASION'' It has been very well received by its audience all over the globe. It became one of the 15 short films that made it to Cannes Film Festival in the category Cinéfondation. Alongside the short film is my personal making of that shows the part I have played on the production of the short. I hope you'll enjoy it.

Film Jam - The Outsider

This short was made in 5 days. We were 8 students on this project. Our director Tod Polson did the voice over and came up with a simple but nice idea about having our main character being a claustrofobic person who were uncabable of going inside a building or anything else for that matter.
 On the project i was responsable for our naming convention, folder structure, sound, storyboarding and the edeting of the movie. I am satesfied with the visual look of the story and impressed that we were able to make above one minute of film within 5 days.

Myself and my Experiences

Aug. 2012 – Dec. 2012:                    Writing & illustrating my own children’s book Super Sofie
Jun. 2012 – Okt. 2012:                    Graphics & animation for the browser based soccer game Virtual Manager
May. 2012:                                     My bachelor short film SLUG INVASION was invited to Cannes Film Festival

Mar. 2012:                                     I started my one-man freelance company named Elvstrøm Graphic Arts 
Sep. 2008 – Jan. 2012:                    Computer Graphic Arts bachelor degree, The Animation Workshop
Sep. 2011 - Dec. 2011:                    Internship, at Ubisoft Blue Byte in Düsseldorf
May 2010:                                      1 month game development, DADIO
Aug. 2008 - Sep. 2008:                    The Drawing Academy, The Animation Workshop
Apr. 2008 – June 2008:                    3D fundamental, TrueMax Academy
Sep. 2007 – Dec. 2007:                    Drawing Class, TrueMax Academy 

Programs I use:                                                    
Exelent Knowledge in:                    Limited knowledge in:
Adobe Premiere Pro                          Eyeon Fusion
Adobe Photoshop                               Autodesk 3Ds Max
Adobe After Effects                           TVPaint
Autodesk Maya                                 
Autodesk MudBox                             
Crazy Bump
Hedus UVlayout

I'm specializing my skills within Texturing & Modeling